We Are Off to a Great Start!

In June we officially launched the campaign amidst family, friends and neighbors.

Special friends like Chris Orlando, Stacy Carlson, Michelle Gomez, Ammar Campa-Najjar, Martha Trevizo Alvarado, Sarah Jacobs’ campaign team, Esther Sanchez, and Cipriano Vargas were in attendance.  Click here to see the Facebook Photo Album!

Thank you to all who joined us on such a special occasion.

At the launch, I expressed my commitment to building a political movement that will engage, educate and empower residents of San Marcos' District 1. We are thrilled to make history in this first District election by nurturing a culture of civic engagement among individuals who are already involved and those who normally don't make their voices heard.

Will you join this campaign and host a house party for your friends and neighbors?

Our campaign promises to make San Marcos stronger by registering as many eligible voters in District 1 as possible, reaching voters who are inactive or disillusioned and mobilizing voters with new ideas and positive energy for the November election.

Help us build power in the heart of San Marcos with a fundraiser!

If this is your first time hosting a campaign party, we are happy to help you organize it. By opening your home and inviting your family and neighbors to learn about our campaign and the election process, you are participating in an important civic activity.

If you are unable to host an event, you can still be part of the campaign by making a donation today!

Let’s build power together in the heart of San Marcos!

Thank you!

Maria Nuñez

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